Our Code of Conduct is supported by the following policies that drive accountability and reinforce our commitment to delivering for our customers, shareholders, communities, and our colleagues:

Anti-Corruption Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that no employee or director of an Emera Company, offers, promises, authorizes, or gives a Bribe or “Anything of Value” directly or through a third-party, to a Government Entity or Government Official for an Improper Business Purpose. Compliance with this Policy is mandatory for all employees and directors in all business units across Emera Companies. 

(Topics: Corruption/Anti-Corruption, Bribery, Facilitation Payments, Intermediaries, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act) 

Code of Conduct

Emera’s Code of Conduct and the principles on which it is based are an integral part of ensuring that we are always doing the right thing at Emera. Our Code is a guide to help us make good decisions and act appropriately. Our Code applies to all members of the Emera Inc. Board of Directors, all officers and all employees of Emera Inc. and all board members, officers and employees of the companies controlled by Emera Inc. Review and sign-off of Code of Conduct training is required annually. Our Code of Conduct is based on the following principles: Safety, Health and Environment, Customers, Integrity, Respect and Collaboration and Excellence.

Compliance Management System Policy

Emera Companies are committed to conducting business with high regard for the spirit and letter of the law by ensuring compliance with all federal, state, provincial, and local laws, rules, and regulations. To meet this commitment and reduce the risk of non-compliance, this Policy establishes the Company’s use of a standardized, systematic, risk-based approach, referred to as Emera’s Compliance Management System (CMS) framework to effectively and efficiently manage the Company’s Compliance Obligations. Compliance with this Policy is mandatory for all employees, officers, or directors in all business units across Emera Companies.

(Topics: Compliance, Compliance Management System, Compliance Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Dynamic Risk Governance, Aligned Assurance) 

Environmental Policy 

Emera shares in the desires of our customers, shareholders, employees and others to enjoy the benefits of a sound economy in a healthy and sustainable environment. We are committed to meeting our business objectives in a manner which is respectful and protective of the environment, and in full compliance with legal requirements and company policy. Compliance with this Policy is mandatory for all employees, visitors, contractors, vendors and suppliers working at an Emera Company workplace.

(Topics: Environmental Management System, Contractor Management, Environmental Risks, Environmental Management System, Environmental Performance, Contractor Management, Pollution Prevention, Regulatory Compliance)  

Occupational Safety and Health Policy

The objective of this policy is to confirm the Emera Company’s commitment to the prevention of workplace injury and illness for employees, contractors and visitors through the integration of safety and health into all workplace activities. Compliance with this Policy is mandatory for all employees, visitors, contractors, vendors and suppliers working at an Emera workplace.

(Topics: Safety Management System, Contractor Management, Safety Management System, Safety Performance, Contractor Management, Regulatory Compliance, World Class Safety) 

Respectful Workplace Policy

Emera Companies are committed to enhancing the work-life and relationships of its employees by providing a safe, healthy, supportive, and secure workplace where employees are empowered to speak up.

Emera Companies value diversity and treat all persons with dignity while focusing on building strong, collaborative relationships and providing respectful, inclusive environments that are free from discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying.

(Topics: Respect in the Workplace, Non-Discrimination, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Harassment, Retaliation, Human Rights)