Through our community investment program, we’re working to make our communities stronger, EIEsafer and more innovative. 

We recently marked the official opening of the Emera ideaHUB at Dalhousie University and the Emera Innovation Exchange at Memorial University – collaboration spaces fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Atlantic Canada and beyond. These facilities are fostering the development of new ideas and supporting start-up companies here in this region.

Through our recent partnership with St. John Ambulance, we're providing first-aid and mental health awareness training for staff and volunteers of charitable organizations throughout Nova Scotia. As a result of this partnership, St. SJA_trainingJohn Ambulance completed over 6,000 training hours for more than 600 staff and volunteers from 53 not-for-profit organizations throughout the province.

We're also supporting first responders by contributing to the Tema Foundation, an organization that provides mental health services to first responders in need.

These are just a few examples of Emera’s commitment to helping build stronger, safer and more innovative communities.