What we’re doing

Here’s a snapshot of some of ways in which Emera and its affiliates are putting environmental care into action.

Emera Inc.

  • Emera voluntarily submits detailed climate change data to the Carbon Disclosure Project. The international, independent, not-for-profit organization collects detailed climate change data from some of the world’s biggest companies to encourage dialogue around climate change issues between corporations and their investors.
  • The Conference Board of Canada recognized Emera once again in 2011 as one of the 15 Climate Disclosure Leaders in Canada based on its annual review of Carbon Disclosure Project submissions.

Barbados Light & Power Company

  • Working to improve the environmental efficiency of diesel and oil units as well as generation and operations.
  • Operating on an island means there are limited ways to dispose of waste. The company, in partnership with the Environmental Protection Department and the Coastal Zone Management Unit, has developed innovative ways to manage waste material, such as using decommissioned engines for moorings in marine environments.
  • Achieved ISO 14001 certification in 2012

Emera Energy

  • Emera Energy’s environmental flagship is its 260 megawatt gas-fired combined cycle power plant in Saint John, New Brunswick. The combined cycle is a highly efficient generation technology enabling Bayside to maximize the natural gas energy which powers the plant. Bayside is the most thermally efficient generating asset in Atlantic Canada.
  • In 2013, purchased three combined-cycle natural gas plants in New England adding 1,050 MW of generation capacity to the Emera portfolio. The facilities include Bridgeport Energy (520 MW), Tiverton Power (265 MW) and Rumford Power (265 MW).
  • Emera Energy acquired Brooklyn Power on July 22, 2013. This is a 30MW co-generation facility located in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. 

Emera Maine

  • Introduced customers to Smart Grid technology, empowering them to better manage their electricity use.
  • Expanded electric transmission grid to accommodate renewable generation and improve reliability.

Emera New Brunswick

  • Emera New Brunswick established a natural fish by-pass in 2011, constructed around the Digdeguash Lake dam to allow fish to migrate into the lake from Linton Stream. The by-pass also opens up several hectares of upstream spawning and rearing habitat for many fish species.

Emera Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Together with Nalcor Energy, Emera Newfoundland & Labrador are working to make sure the Maritime Link provides a clean, renewable source of energy for Nova Scotia and beyond.
  • Maritime Link received conditional regulatory approval from the UARB on July 22, 2013. The Environmental Assessment Release for the project was received June 21, 2013. On November 29, 2013, NSP Maritime Link (NSPML) received the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board’s (NS UARB) approval of the Maritime Link Compliance Filing.

Emera Utility Services

  • Efforts are focused on improving right-of-way travel practices to lessen impacts to watercourses and wetlands, as well as reduce the overall impact EUS has on the environment. Particular focus has been on increasing environmental awareness through training sessions with field employees.
  • Completed construction of a 52 megawatt diesel generating power plant in Grand Bahama, which it will manage and operate for three to five years. The plant will be an environmental leader in the Caribbean.

Grand Bahama Power Company

  • Focused on an Environmental Improvement Plan to address risks and develop an ISO 14001 management system, led by a newly appointed Environment, Safety and Security Coordinator.
  • Biofuel demonstration project launched as a partnership between GBPC, the Grand Bahama Port Authority, the Grand Bahama Development Company and the Garden of the Groves.

Nova Scotia Power

  • Nova Scotia Power' s South Canoe Wind Project was approved by the Utility and Review Board (UARB). The project is a partnership between NSPI, Oxford Frozen Foods and Minas Energy. The South Canoe project will consist of 34 wind turbines. Construction has started and is expected to be complete in 2015.
  • Commercial operation of the 60MW Port Hawkesbury Biomass Cogeneration Facility commenced in July 2013.
  • 1H, our new corporate headquarters in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, was transformed from a disused power plant into the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certified building in the Maritimes. Emera Inc. is also headquartered at 1H.
  • Through the leadership of the utility, Nova Scotia has seen wind energy on the system triple in the past few years, and is now leading the most aggressive transformation to renewable energy anywhere in Canada, including the creation of a 60 MW biomass facility.
  • Launched ShareReady a program that distributes electric vehicles to interested Nova Scotian companies in order to learn more about electric transportation issues in Nova Scotia and the support such a transportation system would require.