Emera shares in the desires of our customers, shareholders, employees and others to enjoy the benefits of a sound economy in a healthy and sustainable environment. We are committed to meeting our business objectives in a manner which is respectful and protective of the environment, and in full compliance with legal requirements and company policy. 


In promoting these principles, Emera companies exposed to environmental risks in their daily business, business alliances, partnerships or prospective ventures, will: 

  • Make environmental considerations an integral part of the decision making as they pursue value to shareholders and quality service to customers.
  • Develop, verify and continually improve environmental management systems through strong management leadership and employee commitment. 
  • Consider pollution prevention as the first option in preference to control or clean-up. 
  • Work with employees and customers to promote the most efficient use of resources, products and services. 
  • Communicate with all stakeholders on environmental performance in a proactive and open manner. 


Emera requires all employees to fulfill the environmental responsibility and requirements of their jobs at all times.