People across the Emera companies are committed to working in a way that is respectful and protective of the environment. To ensure we deliver on this commitment, each Emera company works within a clearly defined environmental policy and management framework.

Learn more about Emera's environmental commitment and approach in our 2016 Sustainability Report.


The Emera Environmental Policy codifies our environmental commitment, ensuring that environmental considerations are integral to decision making and action. 

Emera shares in the desires of our customers, shareholders, employees and others to enjoy the benefits of a sound economy in a healthy and sustainable environment. Emera is committed to doing business in ways that are respectful and protective of our environment and in full compliance with legal requirements and company policy.

To meet our environmental policy objectives we:

  • Make environmental considerations an integral part of our decision making as they pursue value to shareholders and quality services to customers.
  • Develop, verify and continually improve our environmental management systems through strong management leadership and employee commitment.
  • Consider pollution prevention as the first option in preference to control or clean-up.
  • Work with our team and customers to promote the most efficient use of resources, products and services.
  • Communicate with our stakeholders on environmental performance in a proactive and open manner.

Environmental Governance

Each Emera company has a team dedicated to managing environmental performance and risk, with a director or senior leader who reports into the local executive team, and works closely with the Emera Director of Environmental Governance.

At Emera’s executive level, environmental performance and risk is the responsibility of the Executive Vice President of Stakeholder Relations & Public Affairs, who reports to the Emera Chief Operating Officer. At the board level, the Health, Safety and Environment Committee has oversight of all matters related to environmental risk and performance.

Local and corporate-level scorecards contain targets relevant to our environmental performance to ensure our strategic goals are delivered.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Emera companies manage environmental risks through an Environmental Management System (EMS) that meets the ISO 14001 international standard. An EMS is a set of tools and processes that allows our companies to better manage environmental aspects of our business and set goals to improve environmental performance.

Environmental Reporting

We report on our annual environmental performance and activities in the Emera Sustainability Report.  This provides a detailed view of Emera’s environmental performance, activities and data on greenhouse gas and air emissions, water, waste and biodiversity.


Emera has participated in the CDP (formerly called the Carbon Disclosure Project) since 2006. The CDP is an international, independent, not-for-profit organization that maintains a global disclosure system enabling companies, cities, states and regions to measure and manage their environmental impacts.

In 2017, Emera was recognized again for taking coordinated action on climate change issues by CDP and obtained a score of B (Management). Emera was able to maintain its score of B from 2016 and successfully incorporated our newest affiliate, TECO Energy, into our latest submission.

See our 2017 CDP submission


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