Emera is a leader in making energy more sustainable. Delivering solutions for a sustainable tomorrow is at the core of why we work.

Emera companies are investing in cleaner ways to generate energy, using renewable energy sources like wind, hydro, solar and lower-carbon sources like natural gas. We are investing in transmission projects to bring cleaner energy to customers. And we’re investing in innovations like smart meters and storage to help manage the increasingly complex energy grid.

Learn more about our cleaner energy initiatives in the Emera Sustainability Report

Cleaner Energy in action

Today’s Power

Nova Scotia power set a renewable energy record in 2016, with 28% of electricity used by customers coming from renewable energy. Today’s Power allows customers to see the mix of generation in Nova Scotia on any given day.

Tampa Electric renewables

Tampa Electric has been providing renewable energy options for residential and commercial customers since 2000.

Maritime Link

Learn more about our project to bring hydroelectricity from Newfoundland & Labrador to customers in Nova Scotia.

Cape Sharp Tidal

Learn more about partnership to harness energy from the world’s highest tides in the Bay of Fundy.

Barbados solar

Learn more about our first utility scale solar generating facility, which is now online in Barbados.