Emera Energy employees

Emera Energy (EE) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emera.

EE provides natural gas and electricity marketing, and trading and asset management in north eastern North America. 

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, EE is a physical energy business, providing related energy asset management services to its customers. 

EE brings skills, knowledge and experience that are critical to the value of Emera’s portfolio and assessing new opportunities for investment.

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Bear Swamp 

Bear Swamp pumped hydro facility, Maine

Bear Swamp is a 600 MW pumped-storage hydro-electric generating facility in northern Massachusetts. In a joint venture with Brookfield Power, Emera Energy owns 50 per cent of Bear Swamp and sells energy, capacity and ancillary services to the New England power pool. Bear Swamp is a flexible asset, allowing the partners to capitalize on changing market conditions.


Brooklyn Power

Brooklyn Power

Brooklyn Power is a 30 MW biomass fueled steam turbine power plant in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia.